Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Winter whale watching

Well, here it is mid-November and I am already missing summer. I usually don't get this way until around the begining of February, but we have had the rainiest November (it's about to break the record) and it's looking pretty gray today.
I was just thinking back on how wonderful this summer was, and how much fun whale watching can be. I feel so fortunate to be in a place that has such easy access to boating, the ocean, and a vast array of marine wildlife. I have only had one opportunity to whale watch from my house. It was June of 2002 when my son pointed out the spray of a surfacing Orca. The small group passed by Deception Island and skirted the western coast of Whidbey Island by the Naval Air Station. I'm not sure if it is fact, but I was told that the whales won't go through Deception Pass, because that was where their ancestors were caught for the water-theme parks back in the seventies.
There are a couple of whale watching businesses out of Seattle, as well as Anacortes and other San Juan Islands. The companies I have dealt with have really gone out of their way to run a first class operation, and have proven over time that eco-tourism is a valuable resource to be respected and protected. They keep their distance from the animals, and they don't waste a lot of time searching around because they have a wonderful network of spotters that keep them informed as to the current locatoins of the different pods. The staff on board are well informed about the whales as well as other wildlife that one might encounter on any trip.
It's not a bad idea to go whale watching in winter. There are fewer runs, and yes it can get cold and wet, but dress for the Northwest and find a whale watch boat with a big cabin. I have a links to Some of the services that Anacortes has to offer, check them out and let me know what you think.

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It's not a bad idea to go whale watching in winter..

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